Do you let your significant other kiss you while you are sick?

Because you all know, when you are sick with a cold or flu or something, your mouth and throat just feels disgusting. My boyfriend keeps saying he doesn't care, but I just really don't wanna let him near it haha. What do you all think?


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  • It's gross, but unless his resistance is really low, he probably won't catch it.

    Nothing more important than lots of sleep to avoid getting a cold.

    • "unless his resistance is really low, he probably won't catch it."

      How do you figure? Unless he has the proper antigens, ie unless he's had the exact same virus already, he'll be pretty susceptible.

    • I understand your question. I went to see my doctor when I had a cold and he put his hand out to shake mine - I told him "no, you don't want to catch my cold". He told gave me the resistance speech that I mentioned below.

    • Oh sh*t, I totally clicked the "Report" button by accident. Sorry!

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  • i think if you are not fine with kiss him dnt do ! cold fever or whatever ...if you dnt like it dnt do it ...tell him you are not comfortable


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  • if he wants to I'll let him

  • If it is fine with my boyfriend, I would let him. Just shows you how much they really care for you. I don't mind it as long as he didn't care about potentially getting sick.

  • No...I wouldn't want to get him sick. He can wait a week until I'm better. :P

    • Good call. I've always considered it the responsibility of the sick people to prevent spreading it. Don't go around kissing people, coughing into your hand and grabbing door knobs, etc.