How to tell if he's still interested or trying to give me break up hints

I've been in a relationship with this guy for about 2 months now and he was the first one to say I love you and I miss you. I've always been the more mature girlfriend, as in I don't text him a lot or even call sometimes. He usually was the one to make the first move. He always wanted to see me every day and texted quite a lot too. From the very beginning we're gotten along and never had any clashes or issues. I went over to his place 2 nights ago & I've been to his place several times before so it wasn't something new or different. Both he and I were wrestling and playing around, nothing sexual. He asked me to spend the night and I did but again no sex and he acted like he wasn't expecting it either. The next day I said good bye because I go to work earlier then he does, and the whole day I never heard a word from him. Then yesterday I decided to text him and ask how his day was, and in simple 2 to 4 word answers he said it was fine. That's the way he was the rest of the evening. Again, I didn't over text him because that's not me. But I went on to ask him if he wanted to meet up at Lowe's to help me find something for my dad for Christmas. He then called me and asked how my day was and what did I do, ect. He said he had some stuff to do at home and would call me back. He only sent one message about being tired. I did text him once and said I love you. He said love you back. Now today I texted him once about helping him build a shed because both he & I love building stuff and he was very excited to have me help. I said if you still need help, let me know. He texted back "Cool, cool I'll let you know." I'm not sure if he's tired of me already or what but I'm kinda nervous, I'm just not showing it. I know I'm being too peronoid but I need some advice. Do I just stop texting till he texts me? Or should I call him when I get off an ask if he needs help still? I don't want to come desperate.


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  • Do I just stop texting till he texts me?



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  • Well the fact that you're posting this means you're worried already. It's normal, but from my experience, ahem, a bit ugly what I'm about to say, he wants sex.