Is this a bad text? Does he find me annoying?

I texted my friend "Hey how are you?" He texted back. "Well. Eating Dinner. Why are you awake?" ...I texted back something along the lines of oh I'm sorry if your busy, ttyl. should I be expecting a text? Do I annoy him? Help please.


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  • paranoid much?

    just chill, questions like am I boring? am I annoying? and do I sound like an idiot?, should never cross your mind after a text just relax be confident in what you say and let the conversation go where it wants don't try to force it. let it come by itself, if he texts u, reply if he doesn't text him when you think appropriate.


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  • Well, I have no clue where you live, but where I live 36 minutes ago was 1:40am, so, its late, maybe that's why he asked that. Don't worry.