I am really conscious about my kissing ?

All right, I just started kissing half a year ago ( never did before) with my current boyfriend so I must be inexperienced, however I was wondering how bad I am !

My lips are not too thin.. not too thick.. my lower lip is fuller however all in all , a medium size mouth

I don't open my mouth too wide when I kiss.. I usually suck on his lower lip and play with my tongue ..

However .. he has thicker lips and he usually opens his mouth really wide to the extent that my whole mouth is inside his .. I am okay with it lol ( by the way I am the first one he kissed too ) .. but he seems to be really fast and keeps pulling and pushing his tongue inside my mouth .. I am a calmer kisser, I like enjoying the feeling .. so does this make me a bad kissed for him ?

If yes, do you guys have tips on how to stop being a bad kisser.. like what do you guys like .. how do you feel about my type of lips .. what do you expect from your girlfriend when it comes to kissing ?

Thank you


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  • dont ask us for tip...we all prefer different methods or w.e you call it lol

    ask your boyfriend how you were and what he liked and didn't like. what he prefers and everything. he could be having the same problem, thinking he's bad and all since it was his first too. so find something you both like!

    and I mean,if you gonna look like a fool trying something new and messing up, you may as well look like a fool asking him for some advice and practicing it together :/

    • and I have to say...my worst kising was with a guy who had braces :/

      there was teetth and I went home with messes up lips. a few scratchs here and there...it was horrible lol

      no one likes teeth unless its bitting the lip thing

  • Well I've had the same issue but really it's not like you'd be good/bad kisser, it usually depends on the feel the two of you get. Even if you're not on the same speed, as long as you both enjoys it it should be enough. Don't worry if it still doesn't match because even if he found that you're no good at kissing, one other could really like it ;)


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