Nice date, but has she given me the cold shoulder?

So, I met a girl about a week ago who works in the same complex as me. She gave me her number, blah blah blah. I took her out for a quick drink after work on Wednesday. It went really well, talking non-stop and she was laughing all the time. After leaving I sent her a text about an hour later saying 'I had a really nice time, blah blah', she replied with the same. A couple of texts went back and forwards.

The next afternoon I text her a funny / cheeky comment, but didn't add a question. She hasn't replied to it! 24 hours later!

I've now promised myself not to text her until Boxing Day. Thoughts? Has she lost interest, or just nothing to say because I didn't ask her a question?

We've arranged a date for the 13th January.


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  • Your next date is in, what, three weeks? Why are you waiting so long?

    This is a tough one, because with girls it can kind of be anything. It could be:

    A) She's making you sweat. I don't know why, but she is.

    B) Whatever you said made her mad. I don't know what you sent her, but maybe you pissed her off and didn't realize it. Women are good at not telling guys when their angry at first. Some women like to let it fester, hoping you'll figure it out. Sadly guys aren't mind readers, so we have to get over that. As a girl, I know that.

    C) In some strange, abnormal circumstance that requires her to be without her phone: her dog ate it, her grandma died, she's in a coma, etc. that has prevented her from replying to your cheeky little text. The percentage is small, but still possible.

    I'd say, relax. It seems strange she hasn't sent something back, like "lol" or "haha". In total honesty, she may have lost interest. If the date does not happen January 13th, she definitely lost interest. But still, relax. I would say follow your plan, text her on boxing day (whatever that is), and see what happens. The worst that could happen is you run into her on the elevator and there's a really awkward silence...

    • Thank you. The only reason I'm not seeing her until 13th Jan is because she's going home for Christmas and New Year and all that, and I didn't want to put pressure on her and come across as needy and say something like 'let's meet on the first Friday you're back'. So I played it a little cool.

      BTW, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas Day. :)

      And the text wasn't offensive at all, but it was a bit cheeky and it was a personal joke that we discussed on Wednesday night.

    • BTW, I'm not going to text her with anything like 'did you get my text' or 'did I piss you off' as that does come across needy. So next time I text her I'll play it cool and not even acknowledge the text I sent previously :)

    • I agree. Definitely don't text "did you get my text" and yadda yadda. Text her anything but that. And going home for the holidays may be the reason she's not texting you. She may just be busy. And I think it's good you played it cool. So good job! happy holidays!

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