How can I kiss him in a way that he can't ever forget!

I've never been in a relationship before and never kissed someone,but now he wants to kiss me and I don't know how to give a passionate kiss that drives him crazy!


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  • Kissing is an emotional connection. Some people who have kissed A LOT of other people have found ways to do it without emotion sometimes.

    But your first kiss, you got nothing but emotion. So just go with it. Lean over, plant your lips on his, and let you body do the rest. Your body knows how to respond. Just don't think for once and just do it. It's that simple. If you are just as passionate, your body will do things you never even realized it wanted to do.

    I know this because I was the same way for my first kiss, and it was great!

    • aawww . .that is so sweet of you . .:-) thanks a ton . .i really needed support . .