Should I even bother sending another text to this girl or just flat out be done with it?

I met a girl at store in the mall, I had friends that also worked there. Well the next day I got a text from her co worker (my friend) saying how she thought I was cute, my friend suggested I go back and get her number. So the next week I came by and made up some excuse to get her away from the counter (she works retail), and after talking for a little I finally asked her for her number. Happily she gave it to me, I texted her back that night with my number and asking her out for coffee one of these days in the week. She responded saying coffee sounded good. I sent her a text back asking what would be a good day for her, got no reply back. I waited another day and then hit her up, going against my rule of not double texting. I asked her again if she would be free Friday. Once again I got nothing back. At this point I was done with her. Well I ran into my friend who she works with 2 weeks after the incident. She told me how I should reconsider hitting her back up and how she told her she realized she messed up and that it would be awkward to give me a call seeing as she never responded. She told her how she thought I was so cute and funny.

My question is should I even bother sending another text to this girl or just flat out be done with it. Even though my friend has pushed me, I'm still unsure. So yea what do you all think?


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  • Honestly, If this girl is really apologetic and feels she "messed up" so bad, she should be woman enough to at least send you a text on her own (without being prompted or pushed to do so).

    What you have told me about her, shows traits of her personality. It shows she isn't upfront and direct, and that she is slightly immature.

    Is this someone you want to date?

    If I were you I'd continue to be done with it.

    • I see your point, I guess its more of the why factor? Why would you give me your number, and respond interested in going to get coffee but then never respond back to set a date? I guess that's the part that is unsettling to me.

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    • If I send one more text and get no response well I guess I'll get my answer

    • ok..go for it ;P

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  • Just do it.

    You've got nothing to lose, a cute girl who likes you to gain.

    • True but the question is, well if she was so interested why did she back off in the first place? It wasn't like she was doing any part of the work, all she needed to do was respond. I don't know simple things that end up being complicated.

    • hon, it's complicated because you're over thinking it!

      maybe she was shy, or busy, and then too embarrassed to respond after a day or two had passed.

      why would your friend mislead you?

      just hit her up

  • She couldn't reply to a simple text about going out for coffee? Shy or not, she sounds a little flaky. It might be that she only reconsidered because your friend is pushing her...I'd avoid that. It will only be something else later!


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