Thoughts on sending this text?

So I haven't really talked to this girl I like for roughly 1-2 weeks, I think I might have looked a little needy and scared her away a bit. Anyway, I decided to back off and give her some space this past week.

I've been thinking of sending her a simple text* on Christmas saying:

"Hey ____, just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and hope your doing well :)"

Now, I'm not expecting a reply at all but I figured this could be a good way to show her I am thinking of her and hopefully make her smile. Anything after that will just be a bonus in my book.

Just wanted to get your thoughts.

*I thought of calling her, to show confidence and all that blah blah blah, but I'm not really looking to having a full blown conversation and I don't think I'd make it a little awkward trying to say bye and hang up lol.


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  • why say hope all is well? usually if its a guy that is needy/pushy I won't respond. you obvi are being pushy by sending that text.. you just have to always be on her mind somehow or another. let her breathe, let her text you. let her approach you.. and if she doesn't then you know what that means

    • props for being straight up and not beating around the bush, but are you saying if a girl doesn't text you first then she doesn't like you?

    • I'm honestly not following you on how the text is being pushy.

    • ok thanks I am straightforward haha. but I've been in a situation where guys have come off as pushy by texting all the time, even if its a two week break increment. If she doesn't text you or wants to see how you're doing, it means she's busy or uninterested so why push it on further in hopes of something that's not going anywhere. She doesn't have to text you first, but if you are always starting the text/convo and she never does..then there's something wrong. 2 people should meet halfway.

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  • Do the text, not the phone call. It shows that you care and its not needy just friendly and a nice thing to do.

  • I think it's a cute idea. :)

  • Go for it!


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