Guys, if you gave a girl your number what should she text you?

This guy and I have been talking for almost a week on a dating site. He gave me his number and said text him. What should I say first?


Hi this is (my name)

Hey hows it going?

Hey this is (my name) from (dating site name)

Thanks for your input! Now one last question, Would it be okay to wait until tomorrow afternoon or even Monday to text him since it is Christmas?


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  • Honestly any of that will work. He's already interested or he wouldn't have given you his number.


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  • You could always play the guess who game. You could say, hi. This is santa claus and id like you to know that all she wants for Christmas is you, or something cheesy. Of course. Hey its ... will work too.

  • What ever you want... It's no big deal, you just start a conversation. It's just another way of talking. You can easily start with hi this is [insert your name]... I don't pick up the phone for people I don't know though. =)


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