How can I tell if a first date went well?

We are both 17, and our original "just grab a drink" day extended into a dinner & a stroll.

I felt like I seemed like I wasn't really into it though, because I'm a pretty quiet and introverted person. Although we did have our fun and lively moments- I was still generally quiet.

I guess the only thing that kind of saved me was the fact that we sort of knew each other before, and hit it off really well back then. It's just that last night, I feel like it was my fault that it wasn't super memorable. It was just felt- normal?

He bused with me all the way back to my stop, which was the opposite direction of where he lived, and told me he really enjoyed it. (he said it many times)

what do you think?


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  • if the date carried further than planned, then yes it went well. Whatever you did, you did it right making him want to spend more time with you. Next time don't be quiet, I hate being the engine to the conversations

  • If you guys had fun, and the conversation was flowing then it was a good first date. Usually the first date is more about getting comfortable with each other more than anything else. The next date should be more about seeing if there is something more than just friendship, and if you guys have some romantic feelings towards each other.


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