Was this considered a date? Did it EPIC fail?

We are both 17, and our original "just grab a drink" meet up extended into a dinner & a stroll. I'm not sure if he was asking me out at a date or just as friends. (we met recently)

So when we finally met up, I felt like I seemed like I wasn't really into it though, because I'm a pretty quiet and introverted person. Although we did have our fun and lively moments- I was still generally quiet.

I guess the only thing that kind of saved me was the fact that we sort of knew each other before, and hit it off really well back then. So, we were ALREADY friends. It's just that last night, I feel like it was my fault that it wasn't super memorable. It was just felt- normal?

He is newly single, but his relationship with his ex had been deteriorating for a while now-- he actually told me A LOT of it... he told me all about what had been happening between them since the day we met. He even said that during one online conversation we had, he was completely ignoring his girlfriend who was messaging him like crazy.

Anyways, he taught me a bit about his passions, and despite the fact that we seemed to have a lot in common before our little outing-- during the actual trip-- it seemed like he referred to a lot of things that I didn't know much about. :/

He bused with me all the way till my stop at the end of the night, which was the opposite direction of where he lived, and told me he really enjoyed the evening. (he told me many times, but I think there's always a possibility that he wanted polite)

Bottom line... I wasn't sure if it was a date, because I didn't flirt or show much affection etc. I guess I didn't really feel comfortable yet. I don't know what to make of this.


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  • I think this was more like "testing the waters" than a date. He obviously enjoys your company at the very least. He seems to be sizing you up to see if he should pursue you romantically.

    Are you interested in him? If so, seize the opportunity before you're stuck in the friend box.

    • How can I tell if he's interested after testing the waters? The next day he texted me saying that he had a nice time, and we text a bit now.

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  • Yeah I think he's just checking you out for potential

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