Does he really not want to hang out with me? Or is he hesitant to text me?

Well Friday I asked the guy I like to hang out with me. And when I asked him he was smiling and he gave me his number, but he said he had to ask his mom. Well I didn't give him mine so I texted him Saturday so he would have it and he texted back later and said "ok thanks." Well I figured it was kind of in his hands to text me back if he asked his mom and if she said yes. But I didn't text him at all Sunday and he didn't text me. So my friend and some other people I talked to said I should text him because he is a guy and he could have forgotten or soemthing. So I was just going to be liek "hey, have you heard back from your mom yet?"

But I don't want to sound despeate but I really want this to work, I've gotten too far to just let it go.

But if he isn't texting me back then maybe he really didn't want to go? Or do you think he is hesitant to text me? Or should I text him since I intied him, I might should take initiative to get it going?

But I mean if he didn't want to go he wouldn't have been smiling, given me his number, OR texted back to me right?


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  • I would give it a couple of days and txt him again. Ask how he is and if he has much planned for the week ahead.

    If he replies and says not much then I would take that as an opening to ask him again.

    He maybe shy and also nervous because he has to ask his mum for permission 1st.

    He may also be waiting for you to ask as you made the 1st move on aksing for his number.

    By leaving it another couple of days before txting him again, you are not coming across as desperate but you are showing that you like him.

    They say you should leave it 3 - 5 days between swapping a number and giving someone a call/txt.

    If he doesn't reply. I know it's hard but just leave it and move on. Take it as a sign that he is not interested. You are very young and there are plenty more guy's out there.

    • Thanks we texted saturday so ill wait until tomorro because that will be 3 days since we talked on saturday