I got bored.. So which girl?

I'm pretty bored, and I was thinking of me and my best friends. Two of us have no problem getting boyfriends but the other three have been single our whole lives. (I'm trying not to specify who is who, haha.)

So I thought, for pure entertainment, I would describe each of us, and see which one random people on the internet would prefer to date. :P

Girl One: Petite, around 5 feet tall. Curvy. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Kind of looks like Selena Gomez. Very, VERY outgoing and very book smart but not very street smart. Sarcastic and literal. Obsessed with Harry Potter and 80's music. Doesn't like dancing, loves making inappropriate jokes, and always corrects people's grammar or spelling. English major. Listens well but isn't always good at keeping secrets.

Girl Two: Also has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Around 5'6", athletic build. Outgoing and a bit of a flirt. Plays soccer and is in track. Does not do well in school at all. Addicted to texting. Wants to be a vet, especially for farm animals. Is horrible at grammar/spelling. Kind and has a hard time saying no to people. Usually brutally honest. Loves the show True Blood. Loyal to her family.

Girl Three: Short (5'3") and overweight. Light reddish brown hair, brown eyes. Shy, especially when it comes to talking to guys. Devoted. Can be dramatic, and complains a lot. Will do basically anything asked of her. Very protective of her friends/family. Loves animals. Also loves anime. Doesn't get along with too many people, but is extremely loyal to her friends. Does decent in school, usually gets Cs.

Girl Four: Petite about 5'2" and thin. Red hair, and blue/green eyes. Isn't shy but doesn't talk to too many people she doesn't know. Enjoys being creative (writing, photography, etc.) Has some trust issues. Very committed to relationships. Can sometimes be TOO independent. Wants to be a screenwriter. Eccentric and odd. Is always sweet and honest, no matter what. Hugs people a lot. Listens and gives advice to almost any problem. Also has mild OCD.

Girl Five: Average height (5'5') and very curvy. Red hair, blue eyes. Photography major. Has extreme trust issues, and battles depression. Is a very good friend but does not get to close to many people. Insecure about herself, but is working on her self esteem. Will do anything for someone she cares about. Sometimes is self centered, and sometimes cares too much about other people. Assertive. Hates hurting people's feelings. Is funny.

So, which one would you rather date? :D haha


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  • it's a toss up between girls #1 and 4... I'd have to see what they look like and how they act in a relationship... usually a girl's character and Girlfriend potential don't come out until sexual pressure and charm are applied... then mask falls off...


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  • i would probably go for number 4. I'm guessing 2 and 4 get the boyfriends

  • In order

    Four - I like creative girls and writers. And thin.

    Two - Totally unrealistic of her wanting to be a vet, though. But at least she's not fat

    The rest - Dumbledork, anime, depressed, and heavy - no thanks

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