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I tried a month of online dating and it is about to run out. I got a lot of guys interested but I only wanted to meet one because I loved his profile. he seemed like a perfect match. Unfortunately I met him and was not attracted to him at all. No chemistry. This was a discouraging thing because he was the only one of all the guys that I could actually see myself with.

Then another one messaged me who also seems like my type and we have been chatting. He wants to meet. Should I give it a shot even though I'm jaded by online dating and the odds of it going anywhere are low? he's the only other guy who messaged me that I've even bothered replying to, besides the first one I dated. And in the next few days I have left there probably won't be anyone else messaging me who interests me.

Worth a shot?


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  • If I throw in statistics, there's one in a dozen chance that the date would be a success that would lead to marriage. Apparently, despite the fact that certain dating site claims that those profiles are truth and the only truth, it's still manipulative in certain ways.

    If he interests you, then call it a go and see.

    According to my friends, most successful relationship blooms between best friends who crossed line into dating each other. Maybe you should give people that surrounds you a chance.

    • I have more female friends than male friends. I wish I had a guy friend I could date but I don't.

    • It's always recommended approach when you are trying to find someone suitable for dating is to find someone that you knew for a while. Dating and hanging around is some kind of form of trying to understand each other in short given amount of time. It's better to know someone a little and approach for a possibility rather than trusting personally introduced, modified profile. Best luck to you! Never give up and listen to the flow of surroundings, there's always one perfect for you out there.

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