Guys, what does it mean when you kiss a girl's neck?

I've been hooking up with this guy for a few weeks now and he always makes it a point to kiss my neck and just be really gentle and stuff. He doesn't give me hickeys cause I kinda made it clear I don't want any but I'm just confused as to what that means to different guys. Oh, and we've gone way further than just kissing.

Basically I'm asking, does it mean:

"I think you're sexy"

"I just want to get with you"

"You really turn me on"


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  • for the update:

    it doesn't necessarily mean any of those, could mean all three. I don't think anyone tries to say anything by kissing the neck.

    its just a sexual thing. if you don't want him to do it then say it. if you like it, just enjoy it. he's trying to do something good for you


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  • trying to make you feel good? A lot of girls would say they love it when the guy kisses their neck, especially when its only a stop along the route farther down.

    Its basically my go-to move for that

  • It means he really likes you.. there's easier way's to get into your pants other than sensual kissing...

  • Thats a sexual (stimulation) act and he is deliberately doing that to get you sexually aroused.

  • It means he actually cares about getting in the right mindset (foreplay) rather than just getting right down to it. It's a good thing.


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