First time meeting a girl? what should I do?

I've been talking via Facebook with a girl from our high school, we're in different colleges now and she kinda forced out of me to say that I like her and that I'm interested in dating. she also said the feeling is mutual. however we still haven't talked in person and I'm going to take her out on a drink to get to know her in person. she also mentioned she's kinda scared of emotional commitment (she was burned bad in the past) but will see how things go. I'm fully aware that it could become awkward or that we both might be disappointed since we don't know each other in person. but for now, how should I act in person? I know I should just be myself but I want to make an impression on her and seriously make her consider dating me. And I'm not really an expert on dating and courting so any advice is helpful.


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  • Hey, it sounds as if she's pretty demanding by the way you said 'she kinda forced out of me to say that I like her' if she's like that on Facebook think of what she's going to be like in person! Sorry but here's my advice for you

    There is nothing wrong with a drink out to get to know her better, you could just be friends and not go out. If I was you I woulden't expect a relationship take her out for a few drinks and just be yourself, if your feeling awkward she could be feeling exactly the same. Just be polite and don't bring up past relationships.. don't be too clingy wear something smart but casual.

    Good Luck!

    • she kinda wanted me to say that I like her because she got a feeling I did. we've been chatting and flirting a lot so she definitely knew. also she said she doesn't believe in friendships between guys and girls. so it either means being her boyfriend or being nobody. that's what's bothering me the most

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