Ladies, how would I keep the interest alive with you in this situation?

This awesome girl and I flirt and hook up a little at parties. She wanted me to take her to my place one not but she was drunk so I said no. She felt rejected and I couldn't get her over it. She still flirts and shows interest, always looks and listens when I am not (so I am told, but throws up barriers. We hooked up at the last party, and I found out she had just started seeing a new guy seriously a few days before. Now she missed the most recent party, she once told me that she doesn't like being around me when she drinks, I am guessing that is based on the above. I know them both, it is there first relationships, and it won't last. How do I stay in the picture for when they break up?


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  • I don't want to sound rude saying this, but who are you to say that their relationship won't last? Okay, got that out. The best way to stay in the picture is to be there for her emotionally. Try not to be the guy she runs to for hook ups, but the one she runs to for comfort.

    • Thank you for your comment and I will do as you say. You are right that I don't know if they will break up. If you disagree please tell me. It is just that she hooked up with me. Her boyfriend lives 5 min from the party and she went home 45 min away with a girlfriend. They are both 23 and in their first relationship. At a non-drinking function she gave me glances then as she left I said Hi, and she schrunches up to make herself smaller, turns her head and has a goofy smile. Not a gd start

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