How to get a real relationship. And no I'm not stupid.

Okay so I have never had a real relationship, well one. I have had relationships but I don't count them because they were one sided. After I got broken up with by my boyfriend of one year I have never emotionally attached myself to any of the guys I dated nor was I into them. They were convenient and that was the only reason I was with them.

I just got out of a friends with benefits relationship that lasted 3 months and now I realize I want a relationship. Of course I flirt with guys and joke around with them and go to the clubs but how do you meet a relationship type guy? I am by no means an ugly girl, I have many admirers and guys are afraid to talk to me. So how do I actually find a guy I want to date?

For any of you guys who I know and have talked to on here. Yes, I know. Ashlyn has gone to the dark side. lol I'm by no means a whore but I like to flirt with guys.

I have had 6 relationships with guys I wasn't into and I am not a virgin. I am not socially awkward or have anything wrong with me by the way. I just don't know how to actually be a relationship type girl and get myself in that area.


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  • I have been asking the same thing forever. can't find a single female who actually means when they say they want something real. They just demand it, get bored with it and screw people over so they can go out and live life like on those reality shows on MTV.

    • Oh I am legit now. After going through all that dramatic bull sh** I just want a real relationship. I'm done with games and playing around with guys' minds.

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    • I'm sure you are but my kind of awesome is different than regular awesome. lol

    • Im the best kind of awesome.

  • how many guys have you slept with total


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