Should I come clean or do I have a point?

Since I'm too damn ugly, fat and poor to get a date in person I decided to sign up for one, of those dating sites a few months back. I decided to use someones else pic a nerdy guy, I found online and said I was a multimillionaire that sold houses over the internet at home since the age of 20, I'm 26 now. The funny thing was after a day I had so many women, of all types fat, skinny, hot, ugly etc contacting me. Hmmmm I wonder why? So is it safe to say that women only care about money? Keep in mind I used an ugly picture and wasn't some Brad Pitt.

LMFAO Women don't care about money? Yeah OK sure then explain why no women, go out with poor guys?
The pic was found online on one of those ugly people sites, so I'm not the one who posted it first just came across it. I'm a liar for saying I'm rich when I'm not, funny no one calls women lies when they say they prefer douche bags over nice guys. Can You say double standard.


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  • I don't see how you can fairly conclude that ALL women care about money. Certainly, the ones who answered your ad failed that test miserably and their actions speak for themselves. However, on the whole, there are indeed some women out there who don't really care about how much money a guy has. We know how to stand on our own 2 feet and fend for ourselves.

    • @ Update- Bro laugh all you want! I dated a guy LT who was in the military and when I met him, he had NO money, no savings, no vehicle or phone. He went home that summer to buy a car to visit me. and saved what he could so we could go out. I dated him because he treated me very well. He was my best friend, loyal, caring & very loving. Like him, I didn't have much money since I was in college. My stance remains the same.

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    • You will as soon as your married ha ha ha.

    • I think your mindset hinders you greatly because you fail to see someone good. No bother, I'll still sleep well at night.

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  • Some people only care about money others care about other things

  • Oh, it's illegal to use someone elses picture without their permission and dishonest. I think you should delete your account. As for your apparent point? You are a liar and that is also as bad as them.


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