What are your feelings about the end of this conversation?

There's a girl that kind of acts sweet and kind of flirty around me in person but it's hard to tell if she likes me or not. I felt like it went well. We had been texting about 45 minutes before this. Does it mean anything that she stopped texting me or could she like me? Anyway I'll skip til the end of it. What do you think?

Me: I spent like so much time today applying for jobs...

Her: where?

Me: well, I've applied to walmart, target, and food lion so far.

Her: work at target haha

Me: ha ha why?

Her: cause I like it better than food lion or walmart

Me: lol but I don't know if they'll call me back

Her: I'm sure they will, who wouldn't love you?

Me: thanks! ha ha I guess nobody wouldnt

Her: :-) ha ha that's the spirit

Me: I'm finally learning some new songs :) (because she likes it when I sing and play guitar for her)

Her: oOo what songs?

Me: well, I'm learning under the bridge. not sure what else yet.

Her: I don't know that one who's it by?

Me: its by the red hot chili peppers, if you listen to them

Her: yeah a little. I'll look it up later

Me: OK good :)

Is this a bad sign?


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  • just sounds friendly, not flirty

    • you sure?

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    • it wasn't genuine, she was exaggerating. If she was interested in you she would say something like "I hope you get the job", or "I wish you luck"

    • well she's only 16 though. not exactly mature haha

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  • Its a cute conversation but I can't tell if it's flirty cute or just her being warm.

    It was cute though :)

    • is it bad that she stopped texting me though or am I overreacting?

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    • ohhh well maybe something came up, next time see if she says something like "sorry I had to run off" or" sorry, something came up" I only say sorry when I don't respond if I want to continue talking or if something really did come up. Basically explaining without you asking is a goo sign but don;t freak out if she doesn't because something may have truly came up or she is casual about it all

    • alright well thanks for the help :)

  • I Think she might be starting to have feelings for you or maybe she's just one of those girls with a flirty and bubbly personality. either way she seems like a sweet girl and it looks like you could quite possibly have a chance with her (: just don't push things but make sure you send her little hints that you like her too or you want a relationship with her.

    • is it bad that she stopped texting me though or am I overreacting?

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    • you'll know when the time is right don't worry (:

    • yeah I guess so :)

  • It sounded pretty flirty to me. That's how I text the guy that I really like. :)

    • do you think she could just be a flirt?

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    • She's just a flirt. Her actions would speak volumes if she liked you. Just send her another message.

    • how do you think she is just a flirt? she always talks to me and smiles and gives me googly eyes in person

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  • Sounds like a conversation you'd have with anyone.

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