She's Hot, Then She's Cold: What Gives?

What could turn a girl off so suddenly, when she was so damn interested before? I mean she went from touching, flirting, looking at me all the time, holding eye contact and smiling, laughing at my lame jokes, and all that jazz, to suddenly...cold?

I have talked to her about her interests and never blabbed away about myself, I've held doors open, I've dressed nice, and all that jazz.

On the flip-side when she tried to order me around I just looked at her and laughed, but I don't think that did it because she kept flirting.

I've hung out with her and some mutual friends (who seem to be playing matchmaker) a few times and once she even cuddled with me on a friend's sofa. So then on the same night she's all over me, she suddenly switches and gets cold.

She gave me her number, so when I call her up the next day to ask her out for a cup of hot chocolate later in the week, the call rings through to voicemail (it's a mobile phone and she has caller ID...I think I was screened). I didn't bother leaving a message.

So what gives? I'm not pulling my hair out over it, but I am wondering what could have gone wrong.


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  • Maybe she was just busy hun... really maybe you are just reading to much into it.


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  • give it a while, maybe you just read too much into it but after a while if you feel she's ignoring you then there's something wrong, you as well as anyone else doesn't deserve to get treated like that. But good luck! hope it goes well


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  • She is playing mind games my friend. She is an attention seeker and wants constant attention from you because you seem like a nice guy. When things don't go her way, she will switch and become cold. She must have seen your missed call on her phone so why did she not bother calling or at least texting you back? Because she wants you to provide all the attention.

    Personally I advise to tread with caution with women like this one. They will love you when you provide all the attention but will go cold when they have better things to do. They can also leave you heartbroken in some circumstances. I would say let her initiate contact with you, when she does don't reply back instantly, instead take a few hours or even a day to reply back. That way she will realise your a guy with a life and not just someone she can walk over. She will hopefully learn to appreciate you more and if she continues to act hot and cold, id move onto someone else, someone who will appreciate you more.

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