Should I wait for the guy to text me after our first date?

I met this guy through a friend last Friday and then he got my number from my friend and texted me saying happy Xmas 3 days later. I said we should hang out so we met up that night and it was a really good date we got along really well. When he dropped me off he said " I had a really good night and hope to hear from you again." It is the next day and I haven't heard from him how long should I wait or should I text him? I'm hopeless at dating! I don't want to seem clingy or desperate


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  • Considering he said "I hope to hear from you" he is probably waiting it out too. I think guys should shoot a message the girl after a first date if they enjoyed it, but in this case he pretty much tossed that notion to the side for himself.

    • oh dam... lol so how long should I wait to text so its not deseperate and what should I say? lol

    • I usually text the girl on the same night of the date. No later than the next day. I would go ahead and text him, don't overthink this and get your emotions tied up. Just let it fly and see what happens

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