Is it weird I want to hang out with my best friend's fiance?

My best friends fiance is REALLY nice! Great guy, we're very alike and I like to hang out with him... is it weird, now she has a job in another city, if I hang out with him with me and my friends?

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  • Well it might be weird, as your best friends might feel bad about it and might get jealous, I used to hang with my best friend's boyfriend since he was really cool and we got along well plus we worked together on Fridays, and my friend used to get mad at me and jealous, she has jealousy issues and she is very insecure though, she was afraid I might take him away from her, but that was never my intention, but she was kinda right since he started developing feelings for me due to hanging so much with me, he told me he was crushing on me and things got kinda awkward, I never told my friend about it but I never did anything with him either, I think I might have told her, but she was so in love and I know she will get really mad with me, so I just left it as it was, at the end they broke up, not because of me, but for some other things, and nowadays I hardly even talk to him, so if you decide to hang out with him just be careful because you never know what might happen and how your best friend might feel, I'm not saying the same thing is gonna happen to you,but things might get awkward and is not very nice when that happens, so just be wise, and good luck :P

    • oh wow yeah, I think sometimes she gets suspicious. idk, not really though. they're getting married, she shouldn't be worried!

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    • Hehe yup lol, just good luck with all of this xD

    • thanks!

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  • It's not really weird, but it can lead to bad things if you're not careful :|

    • bummer. she got a job in another city. he and I are just good friends.

  • Sounds somewhat like a bad idea.

    • aw sad day, really? We're so young to be engaged. His friends are cool too! Bummer. I feel like I just lost a friend because she's not around to bring us all together.

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    • if your friends with nhis friends then you two can be friends without things seeming awkward to your friend :D

    • hahaha OK good point :)

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