There's this guy I've been on and off with for a year, and he didn't answer my text!

basically he is going away for a while this break and I said k so we hanging when you get back and he didn't respond.. so what's that about does he legit not want to see me :( or what's up guys or girls HELP!?


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  • Well how long has it been since he hasn't texted back, and how were thing going last you saw each other? Like what terms were you two on

    • we haven't talked since and I think he left for a trip.. so I'm assuming he now doesn't want to see me when he comes back now cause I said' so see you when your back and he didn't respond! :(

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  • How long has it been since you texted him? You might want to calm down. Maybe he just didn't get around to it or he read it and was busy at the time and couldn't respond and the forgot.

    • yeah well I did text him so want to hang when you get back and he never responded. so should I leave it now?

    • Well if you're friends with him you can always text him some other time just to say hi and stuff and then kind of work your way into talking about what you can do when he gets back. Otherwise wait until he gets back and ask him to hang out.

    • true thanks

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