How can I ask this girl to hang out? and flirt a lot around her, I suck at flirting...

We haven't hung out in forever and I really like her, she's really cute and I'd like to get to know her again, maybe if things go well, jump into a relationship. so I figured I say something along the lines "we haven't seen each other in forever, and if you'd like we should really get to know each other again, and hangout soon" . We tried to hit things off before, she told me I was hot once before. I need help flirting, and with what to say, I need to know if I should be making more moves, or trying harder, expressing something differently. What's a good move to make, now that we are messaging each other again on Facebook. Would some ice skating at my friends be a good choice to thin out any tension that's keeping us shy?


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  • yeah, I'd promote a laid back open event with a small group of people your familiar with. As far as flirting's concerned I'd keep it light and only slightly suggestive to maintain taste. Sweet sounding physical compliments and try to put a lot of emphasis on personality, girl like that. On physical ones, observe the traits you like that are more unique to your preferences or at least aren't obviously sexual (avoid butt, hips, boobs, etc lol). Don't be overbearing, but make it clear your interested. I'm not sure how passive she is, as some girls take a lot of coaxing. But just try to really pay attention to her, be curtious, and sweet, and that's really the best flirting guys normally can do. Be fairly blunt, but don't over do it. If your still interested, the night goes well, and if she seems at least slightly interested back, ask her to go on a more individual outing or at least to text you so can really try hitting it off.


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