Do I attract the wrong type of girls? is it my style? my lifestyle?

All the girls I have fallen in love with have played me, it always seemed like they didn't know what they wanted, they had expectations going into it, and or thought they could predict the future. I wear generally the same thing from week to week, a fox,redbull,rockstar,monster type graphic tee with dark fitted jeans and a nice button up shirt I leave open. I have longer hair which has been describe by old people as Justin beberish, which I don't like at all. I can probably post a picture if your curious. I have really straight pearly white teeth, a sixpack ;) and I drive a nice car. What am I missing? What am I not doin that would get a girl to be honest about what she feels and what she is thinking, more importantly I would like some help getting others to open up a bit, maybe have some deeper conversations with friends other than the same old same old, I guess I have to really test waters and ask questions others wouldn't, to get people to speak freely?

I used to be real shy, I saw a psycologist freshman year in high school. He asked about all aspects of my life, and how I felt about them. I said I couldn't commit to a girl, she would always hurt me and leave me with so many unanswered questions, and I thought it was best to turn and walk away from it all. When really the daylight isn't all that bad I wish I would have known this back then.


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  • For starters, it is NOT about your looks. You can be the most perfect envisioned man in the world for a girl, but that will still NOT make the relationship work.

    Guidelines to make a girl happy:

    -listen to her

    -make her feel loved (but, not too early in the relationship, or she will run)

    -make/help her feel secure in your relationship..Don't go stare at everything with boobs...and make her believe that YOU think she is the best and no one could replace her...(of course, this is later in the relationship)

    -do fun things with her, that you both like

    -don't make everything about you

    -don't be/seem cocky (some cockiness is good...I guess, but overly doing it, is bad)

    -be chivalrous

    -have manners

    -show her you are thinking about her..not just through a text all the time either...those can get lame if that is all you do...Texts, candies, flowers, cards, teddies are all good.

    -make her number 1 or at least equal to your number 1's

    -If something is bothering her, FIX IT or WORK ON IT, don't just think it will

    fix by itself. ESPECIALLY if it is what you are doing or have that is bothering her.

    ^^^and don't get 'around' to it either. Fix it right away.

    Anyway, those are IF you want love and want to make her happy. =]


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  • The way you act towards them over time may be the most impactful? You're mostly talking about appearance, witch probably they we're fine with already. I'm guessing something in you behavior may have changed slightly? :p

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