Why does she do this to me?

Seems I've come back to get some help with a problem between me and a girl I know.

We have some history. We met through a group of friends, we tried to be friends with benefits and I had lied to her about not wanting a relationship, not wanting children and not wanting to get married.

Here is the thing though. She always talked more to another guy in the group of friends who is a manjina and I could see he would want into her pants. She always said she wouldn't ever sleep with him ever. She confided in him about everything between us and never was able to talk with me about anything. Not work, not home life... nothing. I asked her for ages about what chef stuff or cooking in a kitchen was like and her best response was that I was incapable of comprehending it.

Furthermore, she ended up sleeping with this guy although she did regret it. Its been a while and we are still friend but the guy was an ass to her and she still associates with him. Hell, she talked with him for 1 hour on a phone when he called her house.

I've asked her about certain things via text message like how she is and what she got for Christmas most recently but I got no response. I know that if it was someone else, there would be an immediate response.

Any guesses as to why this is?

Please help me out, I am at the end of my rope.


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  • You wanted to be a friends with benefits and said you had no interest in a relationship...sounds like you got exactly what you asked for.

    • She had told me during our FWB thing that if I ever told her I liked her more than a friend that she would leave me. Then after we ended everything, she drunkenly admitted to the fact that she had actually wanted to date me. Messed up much? See, I may have lied but she did too.

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  • you need to give up on her. That's probably just the way she is and she most likely won't change. I'm sure there is a better girl out there for you.

  • Leave her alone...


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