A good first kiss

What is a good first kiss and how should I get it to happen?


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  • haha most of the time there is no good first kiss. just be comfortable with what your doing and it should be a fun experience for you. even if he or you screw up while kissing don't worry about it because you will have time to practice. I notice that ever guy I kiss has a different style when it comes to the way they kiss, and so will you. just learn to adjust to each other and come up with your on style together, (that is always fun ;D. ) and as to have you get to happen you just have to let it happen, I mean you find someone you like and when you go on a date you will probably be able to see the sines coming at you. if he puts his hand on you fave he wants you to turn to him and kiss him. if you feel his face turn slightly to yours he probably wants to kiss you. and if you guys start to makeout you will know what to do, trust me. but if you want to know more specific, email me. I would be happy to help you out if you have anymore questions.


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  • a good first kiss isn't really planned.. it just kind of happens.