Was I just a rebound to him?

while I was in mexico I feel in love with this guy and I hardly even knew him.I still ask myself why did you fall for him? a lot of my family members and friends would say "eww he's really ugly" "ur out of his league" 'he looks like a 30 year old man" (but he was 19) but in my eyes he was good looking. well anywayz this was the first time I went for it and took a chance so I started talking 2 him first. and 2 dayz before I was going 2 leave I invited him to a park we talked laughed it was pretty cool nd in the end I asked him if I kan give him a kiss yes I know it may seem wrong 4 a girl to do that but I loved him and it was my first time ever asking a guy that nd he was like "right now?right here?, I'm so shy!" but in the end he walked towards me nd we kissed. nd he waited till I wasn't even there in mexico anymore nd send me a message on Facebook telling me tha I'm kool but not the one person he's looking 4 nd that if I ever go over again maybe we kan c each other again but he doesn't promise me anything blah blah blah. but what mad me mad was the fact that he didn't tell me that in the park I told him how I felt about him in the park (not that I loved him) or he kould have at least texted me or called I mean I sent him a text telling him I was goign 2 leave soon nd if he wants to c me again nd he never texted back instead I get that sh!tty message on Facebook 4 days later. so what was I 2 him? its been almost a month now since this whole incident nd I still find myself sad nd thinking about him everyday. so I also want to know what can I do to get over him?


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  • lol you out of someone elses league? you are one ugly motherfuc*er


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  • Please learn grammar, how to spell, and how to type. Afterwards, retype that question and I'll try to answer it.

    From what I could understand from that mangled question, I'm going to say you didn't really know this guy enough to know if you really loved him, and I don't understand why you'd think he could reciprocate those feelings.

    I think you were just a kiss from a girl that he didn't really know in a park that you'll probably never go to again. Get over it.

    Not being mean, but you're kind of looking for an answer that doesn't exist.