How did you and the person you are with get together?

Here is our story:

I was a junior in high school when we met, he was a freshman, our first ever exchange was him asking me to borrow a dollar, I made a joke about giving him a "holy dollar" because the dollar I gave him was in the front page of my Bible. He kept the joke going by saying he was going to go buy a holy dollar with it. Every time we ever talked it was him making that joke.

Fast forward to summer, (this is when MySpace was the thing), he would I'm me all the time. I thought he was annoying. LOL. He asked me to a 4-H fair, I told him no. I had entered projects and he told me he saw them and was proud. I ignored it.

Fast forward to my senior year, his sophomore. We ended up being in the same class, sitting at the same table. We ended up talking a lot, and I got to be very good friends with him. Me and my boyfriend at the time broke up. I expressed to him that yes, I found him physically attractive, but no more than that. He suggested a friends with benefits relationship. We talked about it for a while, but never did it.

November, he asked me to be his date to a school dance, I told him fine, but as friends. He agreed. We went then afterward walked to a local Dairy Queen, he stopped us, and kissed me right there in the middle of the street.

Then, on December 18, we were talking on Skype, and we were playing checkers, he, again asked me to date him, I told him if he beat me in the next round, we would be together. Obviously he won (I let him xD).

Now, 1 year later, we are still here. (Sorry for that being so long, lol!)


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  • Your story wasn't long it was great :)

    Okay. Me and my boyfriend met at one of my ballet recitals. I had been the lead in Diamond Lakes and his sister was the secondary role. So everyone's congratulating me and telling me how amazing I was, and he walks up to me and tells me that I was excellent and the most beautiful dancer he'd ever seen. And I was all like, oh, hee hee. Thank you! We exchanged names, but not numbers (stupid, stupid, stupid!), and then I went back to my house. So, about two or three months after that I was sitting at a café that my grandpa just happens to own, in my favorite one person seat in the back. I was reading Pride and Prejudice for like the 30th time, and when I lowered my book (I felt someone standing in front of me) it was HIM! He said, "Skeighler, right?" and said, "Yeah! And you're Kayeseeigh, right?" So we sat there talking until closing time. We had gotten each others' numbers and addresses. I hear my doorbell ringing so I run downstairs and there's a delivery guy there. He handed me a bouquet of 82 roses! The were so beautiful and I looked at the card. It said: "8-2-2011 is when we met. Will you be mine? Meet me at the theatre." I drove there and he was waiting for me with one single pink rose. I ran to him and practically knocked him down I hugged him so hard. We kissed for like, 15 seconds and then we went to my house and cuddled on the couch and watched Black Swan with Natalie Portman. We've been dating happily ever since :) The end!


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  • We met in high school (my freshman year, his junior) when we had a class together. I always thought he was cute and apparently he always thought the same about me but we never actually talked to each other while we were in high school.

    Fast forward eight years later and we added each other on Facebook. I wanted to try a new bar one night after work so I made a post on Facebook askin for suggestions. I ended up going to the place that he recommended and he was there with his friends. So we all got together and started playing pool. And that's when I actually got to know him for the first time. To my pleasant surprise, I realized he was perfect for me. We started hanging out regularly after that and it only took a couple of months before we decided to make it a relationship. It's been almost a year now and we're both still happy as clams :)

  • Hooked up with him on a whim because he was my very recent (an hour) exs friend. He had tried to talk to me before, and had a crush on me all through high school but I shut him down every time. I used him for a rebound, and our personalities just clicked. I got more out of it than I had planned, but he's perfect and I couldn't be happier. Unless my ex hadn't moved, That is .