I wouldn't date someone with a child?

I got to talking with a friend and because of her choices in guys, I decided to ask if any of the dudes she's been involved with have kids. She said 1 or 2 of the guys did and only 1 ended badly because he had a bad relationship with the mother.

Anyways, I wasn't shocked, but I guess I gave off a sense of disapproval or 'tsktsk' type of vibe towards it. I'm 18, she's 17 and she normally goes for guys who are 15-16-17, never older for some reason.

Then I told her I'd never date a guy with kids at our age, just because I feel that it says something about a teenage guy who has children, like he's irresponsible or something. People say "sh*t happens" but pregnancy isn't something small that happens ya know, so it's off putting. Not to mention, most guys I know who have kids as teenagers, are cholos(mostly) and thugs, two types of guys I'm not into.

Do you think it's close minded to feel this way? I AM only 18 years old and I just wouldn't want to be romantically involved with a guys age who has children. When I'm older I more than likely won't care, but at 18 nahh.

Is it close minded? Would I be limiting myself in your opinion?


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  • Being close minded is always limiting. I'd ask some serious, serious questions about teenage dads and their responsibility. Odds are these guys didn't become fathers at 14 either, so how long ago has it been since they were that irresponsible, exactly? I mean if someone is 24 and has an 8 year old, I'm more likely to think they may have changed.

    Yeah, accidents happen, etc.

    I'm old married and have kids of course. If I were divorced, I'd probably be looking for someone WITH kids if I was looking for a serious relationship. But I don't think its odd for a single 18 year old to be looking for people without kids.


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  • At 18, that makes sense. I'm 21 and probably wouldn't date a guy who was my age with a child. If he was 25 or older then it might make more sense.