Do you think she'll dump me?

This is the message I got today:

Hey sorry I must've been online Facebook on my phone and not have realized

I just saw your Skype message, and it's not that I'm getting bored with you, I just feel like you're getting so ahead of yourself. Like, I've never been one to handle mushyness, I'm not an overly mushy person, and you just keep bombarding me with mushyness; which is all sweet and lovely but it's getting to be a bit much. Like I understand you want to tell me how much you care, but mush overwhelms me.

And just all the stuff regarding our future, I'm only 15, I want to live in the moment and keep things light and fun, I don't want to be planning my future and where I'll live, that stuff just scares me. I like being able to go off and do my own things without having to worry or feel bad, it's just who I am.

And that doesn't mean I want you to completely stop with all the loving comments, I just need you to tone it down. It's just all so overwhelming.

I have no idea how you'll react to this, I hope you don't take it personally or get angry at me for it, but I just had to tell you and it seemed like an opportune moment. I know this is probably a really weird thing to read, and if you're reading it first thing in the morning I'm sorry if it ruins your day. It's not at all how I intend to come across, but knowing me, my words often get misinterpreted as instant negativity. I'm strange and I often seemed closed off due to the fact that I can't handle copious amounts of mush, I'm sorry :-//


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  • No. She isn't telling you she wants to break up. She is just giving you a warning that she is starting not to be able to handle your mushiness anymore. Actually it sounds like she cares about you and wants to remain in a relationship with you. But is trying to improve your interaction, so things can actually work out between you two.

    I am in the same situation as your girl is. And as much as we do like a little romance and a few compliments, we don't want to hear them constantly. It devalues them. Make them sound less real and less special. They end up not having the same worth, as a well placed compliment or romantic comment here and there.

    I can understand your need to share your feelings. You want to be open and completely honest. But is it really worth loosing her? Try to control yourself just a little. Stay the same guy. Don't loose those feelings. But don't blurt everything out. You want her to feel special. She won't if it is a constant stream of compliments.

    She also probably doesn't know how to react. She knows she can't reciprocate. She can't compliment you every time you compliment her. You are asking too much of her. Expecting too much of her. You might think you're not. But you are putting her into an awkward position. She probably feels guilty for not being as mushy as you are. She really really like you. But telling you this once in a while seems like she is being unfair to you, when you shower her with your feelings. Put yourself in her place, once in a while.

    Also take one step at a time. Enjoy the ride. Don't think of the future just yet, Just live in the moment. Be appropriate for the stage of your relationship and for your age. If she feels you are being real with her and you just enjoy being around her, she will feel a lot more comfortable around you.

    No she doesn't want to break up with you. Which is why she added a whole paragraph as a disclaimer. She obviously feels bad saying this to you. Again you have put her in a position, where she feels like the bad person. But she is telling you what she needs from you. And that she needs you to make a change. That she needs you to control yourself once in a while. Otherwise she might break up with you sooner or later. Because you are not making her feel good about herself, even though you might think you are.

    Rant over. Sheer up. get some confidence. And enjoy your relationship :)


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  • Of course she won't dump you. She doesn't want you to be mad or anything. All she's saying is that she's getting a bit overwhelmed with all the sweet compliments.

    Personally, I don't mind if a guy tells me he loves me or calls me beautiful, but that shouldn't be ALL the time. Maybe just once or twice a day. Just cool things down like she's asking you too. I know you want to be all sweet and loving, but most girls don't like that in such large amounts. It makes everything seem a lot less special.

    Just live in the now, like she said. Keep things light and fun, take the time to joke with her. Don't always just talk about how much you want to be with her. It's very, very sweet...but it can be overwhelming.

  • She isnt, she just telling you to tone it down on the loving comments. if you dont, I'm pretty sure that is the reason why you will break up

    im jealous.

  • I think if you keep pushing her and sending to many messages that make her uncomfortable than there is a chance but for the record she is just telling you HOW it makes her feel.

    "And that doesn't mean I want you to completely stop with all the loving comments, I just need you to tone it down."

    She just wants you to tone it down and this is HOW she is telling you. Sit down and talk with her about the subject and try to tone down. But I think if she was going to dump you right now she prob would of done so in the message and not of said.

    " And that doesn't mean I want you to completely stop with all the loving comments, I just need you to tone it down. "

    Thats what I get from the message.


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