Guys, and girls..have you ever been shocked to find out the 'ideal date' person was a monster?

Most formal dates don't lend themselves to seeing what a person is like in 'real life.' They can seem wonderful, but flaws can easily be hidden even from very smart people. When you get to know them outside of the formal dating scene, you find out they are a monster...

I don't know many people who have NOT had some such experience! Tell us the grisly details..



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  • Yep, years ago when I was young and foolish, I dated a real Adonis who was so chilvalrous toward me all the time. He made me feel really special.

    Then I bumped into a friend of mine who, it turned out, was also dating him at the same time, and she was getting the exact same lines from him..and believing them.

    We both went to see him together and dumped him together.


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  • one guy three timed me but I didn't date him for long, it was only about 3 months of dating and then I dumped him.

    another guy was so immature he complained about everything, like everything was about him and his happiness, I dumped him about 3 months into our dating too

    that's all I can remember right now...

    oh wait the worse one was a guy whom I met at work whom treated me like a slave and made me pay for all our food when we went out and made me make him sandwhiches and food whenever he came over to visit, he could have made his own damn food... and he treated me like a slave too... I hated it.

    • 3 timed you? Two other women?

    • yeah and he ended up dating one of the girls exclusive for a few months before he moved onto another girl. He was aplayer for sure.

  • TRUE STORY: I sorta dated this guy in college he was so sweet and kind and handsome and protective almost a shy kind of a guy, I felt so secure next to him and just trusted him like even if we wouldn't have a romantic future he would still be an awesome friend to me and that's fine by me...he knew I liked him a lot too

    after 3 months the guy comes to school one day and just starts giving me the cold shoulder out of no where he seems detached and cold, he even rolled eyes at me and gave me a mean smurk, he even flirted with my friend in front of me (d-ic-k move), and invited her to lunch I went crying home, he stopped talking to me and like 6 months later he tried to be friendly again and I still had feelings for that amazing guy I initially met so I gave him another chance and he would like disrespect me, like cut me off while I was talking, he wouldn't answer me when I asked how was your summer how are you etc? and just went all bipolar on me, so I tried to move on and never look at him, and then another 3 months would go by he would be staring at me in school those warm flirty eyes and he'd try to be my friend again chat up a conversation he told me I looked pretty and I still missed the guy I first fell for, so I was still nice to him and always kept my cool and tried to impress him all the time, and then when id try to break the ice and be like you wanna get lunch before class and study notes and he'd reject me saying he's busy and stuff, so id move on again, he'd come back another 8 months later and try to talk to me again and be flirty my friend caught him staring at me, following me and blushing, mutual friends were asking both of us what was between us like were we dating or what?! and I still don't know to this date what his deal was.

    finally after a plus amount of years in college of on and off interval games I cut off all contact with him and never looked back. I refuse to be toyed with that way. I think its pretty black and white if you like someone or you dont, if you like them then hey great be with them live happily ever after, and if you don't like them then you shouldn't care if you see them again and you shouldn't stare at them and try to talk to them every 5-8 months, you should let them move on and stop leading them on. plus if you don't like them in that way then why not friend zone them and be their bud? who doesn't love guyfriends and female friends in college? its not that hard you know. I don't get what normal being would be so inconsistent in behavior and extremist going from the very bad (crossing line of respect) to the very good (flirting like you're soulmates). either way he's still a monster and I don't wanna be with someone unreliable, immature and unstable.

    • It sounds like he couldn't help it really. Maybe he IS one of those split personality type people...

    • he is fine around other girls who are his friends and stuff and his family too, I don't get what his problem was

  • It's happened to me before, he was so nice then became such a tool

    Ps rated the question :)


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  • I don't get this experience often because I usually meet people that I take out on dates in a very casual environment. Like coffee shops, parks, or bars. Worst date I ever had... second date with a girl she brought her friend along (I was young I guess I wasn't as good at reading signs that she was not that into me back then). Anyway I went clubbing and she wouldn't even dance with me. I left them in a corner and went had fun on my own. When they wanted to leave I was like cool, cya. Ended up having a lot more fun without them anyway, remeber meet like 10 new people that night and got another girls number.

  • I dated a woman who was has hot as psycho a few years ago. Took me 2 years to recover from it.

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