Girls- Is this girl going to cancel our date?

I met this girl online who I really seem to get a long with. I asked her to go out and get cupcakes and coffee when I get back to school and she said that sounds great, it's a date. Well I messaged her 2 days ago and have got no reply. She looked at my profile 2 hours after I sent the message and then I looked at hers, for some stupid reason. I don't know why I did that because it tells her I looked at it. So I'm concerned that I might have done something wrong.


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  • Hmm .. maybe she is immature enough to act cold so she can get enough of your attention ..

    Or maybe something happened to her ( which I don't think )

    Maybe she is afraid ..

    Maybe she just felt forced to say "yes" .. and now she regrets it :)


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