I like to talk to a lot of females not just one. I need some good tips

can some one please help me out here I got this one girl that really likes me an I like her a little bit to but I just can't stand being tied down to one person I like to talk to a lot of females not just one what should I do any tips I need ta no to help me out here


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  • If you like her you like her I c no wrong with you talking to others girls and just by going out with girl doesn't neccessarly tie you down just tell her in her face I like you and all but I still want 2 hang out and chill with other girls and if she can't accept Ur personality then she not the right one

    • thanks I agree a lot with that I will tell her as soon as I see her later

  • Well if that's the way you feel, you should tell that girl that. Maybe then she won't be as interested.

    Whatever you do...NEVER cheat on her! Or anyone else.

    • no I don't cheat don't get me wrong I don't mind being with a girl for a while but eventually I want some new p**** ya no

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    • Well it sounds like you have a heart, and might kind of be a nice guy...

    • i try to be I can't help I like p**** ya no I'm a man its in my genes I get tired of the same ol thang eventually

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