Visiting her while she baby-sits

I'm a 20 year old guy, and I'm at home for break from college. I've been texting this girl that I kinda like from high school. I told her we should hang out, and today she said she'll be babysitting tomorrow and she'll be bored so I could come over if I want. How do I approach this. I'm not really sure if she like me or not, we went to prom but as friends and she did want to hook up with me when she was drunk. I just don't want to mess this up


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  • Talk to her. Find out how she feels about you. Don't go babysitting with her. If you were a parent, and you hired a babysitter, the last thing you'd want them to do is invite a stranger over. Text her so she won't be bored. She will forgive you. And as long as your not a jerk, you won't mess up. Good luck

    • Well she leaves in a couple days for school so how should hang out with her then

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