I think I have a little oneitis and I want to get over it/ get 10 women rule?

See I say slight because I don't put her on a pedestal and she is not that good looking to me, I have gotten girls that look way better than her. But anyway I like her a lot because of her personality, it fits her for a girlfriend not a fling. I can have other chicks but I want her as my girl. We don't talk a lot because we had are disagreements but I just feel bad because it took me so much to get her number and have her like me. I'm kinda shy and not confident I can do it 10 times again. The reason I got girls was because they came to me she didn't and I felt proud of myself for getting her and I know you all will say forget her so I will. I just want to know how to move on totally and get these 10 girls confidentiality?


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  • I think your girlfriend should date other people and leave you alone. Hopefully she realizes the kind of guy you are and how you really feel about her

    • She's not my girlfriend and your taking what I said the wrong way. When I have oneitis you think of her being better than every other girl and she has no flaws. I have to remind myself that because it really messes up your mind. If you ever had it ud understand just look up oneitis and maybe you can realte to what I'm saying

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