Is he waiting on me, or should I be waiting on him?

I really need a guy's perspective on this situation. I have already asked a few questions on here about this but I have a new theory.

So let's say you are a guy. And a girl you have known forever, and you might like her, comes up and asks you to hang out. So you say "yea I guess, I have to ask my mom." an you give her your number and walk off. Well the next day you get a text from her saying she forgot to give you her number so she is sending that text so you have it, and you reply back with "ok thanks."

And for the next 3 days you don't hear anything from her.

So my question is when soemthing like this happens are you waiting for her to suggest a day to hang out, THEN you ask your mom? or are you supposed to ask your mom first then text her and tell her you can go?

I haven't texted him because I am thinking he is going to aks his mom THEN text me, but I was thinnking maybe he thinks I am going to suggest a day then he's gonna ask his mom.


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  • Just text him a day you think would be best. I've recently realized that people freak out way to much about if they should call or text somebody, ask to see them, or something like that, Or if they should wait for the other person to start it.

    a) If he doesn't like you that way one little text isn't going to change that, and ONE little text won't make it any less likely to change (compulsive texting would)

    b) If he DOES like you and was just nervous, then he'll be happy you did.

    Just go ahead and text him! :)

    • Thanks

      but my sister said I should make a plan (like see a movie on saturday) and ask him in person, like invite him "officially"

    • Oh, for some reason I thought you already had a plan - the day. (like see a movie sometime this weekend, or sometime soon) I can easily see why he wouldn't have asked his mom yet then I usually never ask my parents unless I have an "official" plan. :) I agree with your sister on this one. (though I don't stress the in person part because I'm weird :P) Good luck!

    • Haha

      my mom is like "no let him text you, you will seem too pushy" but I mean he really has nothing to ask his mom yet

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