Dating? I don't get attached. Is this a good thing or bad thing?

I date who I please and I don't get attached to people ot to guys I'm dating easily. One of my friends said that I'm alittle werid becasue I can be very unemotional at times and also one of my guy friends said that I act and date like a guy at times... I was reallly confused ... Is this a good thing or bad thing? Is this a turn of or a turn on for guys?


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  • It's a You thing. It's who you are. There is nothing wrong with that...most likely. There is a condition that can make it so you can't form attachments(With anyone, not even family)...but I'm thinking you mean that you just haven't with any guy's you've dated...You might be one of those people who just takes some time...or you might just not have found someone who you have good chemistry with.

    I'm the opposite...I fall in love all the time, and I never fall out of love, sometimes I'm envious of people who don't attach as easily as I means a lot less crying.

    I wish you the best of luck in your love life. Another possibility is that there are 2% of people who have no sexual attraction to either if you don't physically lust after anyone either then this might be the case.

  • I personally think it is a bad thing! Maybe your scared to be hurt? But if your young it's not a terrible thing! When you get older and wanna settle down and have a family, it will be a very bad thing!

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