Does she want me to text her?

This girl who I have known for a long time and I just shared our first kiss recently. Afterward, she said to text me/call me. I fully planned on doing so; however, I saw that her friend was making fun of me on twitter, which she never intended for me to see. Anyway, this got me really mad and I have not texted her and she has not texted me. I don't know what to do


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  • Exactly how was she making fun of you? The reason I ask, is because it could have been just teasing. I want to know exactly how.

    And, keep in mind, that it was her friend, not her. She still likes you. In that case, if her friend doesn't approve of you, then doesn't that mean the girl that you like genuinely likes you? She is with you even though her friend disapproves. You should text her.

    • It seemed malicious and not just teasing. Here are the tweets, keep in min that I do not have a twitter so I do no think that they ever intended me to see them (her friend's twitter is public). 1. "Lmfaooo Jenna is telling me about how she went on a date with this kid & he was playing the Titanic soundtrack in the car lololol I cannot" 2. "And then when he left she caught him standing at the end of her driveway gazing at the stars LMFAO omg this is too much"

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    • You think it is doubtful that she is not interested? It seemed that she wanted it to because she asked me to walk her to her door, then we kissed at her door and a few days later I see that and she stops texting me.

    • Just text her. Some girls, REFUSE to call/text first when they told YOU to call them. I think she could be interested, when you put it that way. And, thinking how girls are. Text her.

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  • If her friend was making fun of you, if you like her, you can ask her about it but if you are over the whole thing then I would suggest not even bothering.

    • I would like to be over it, but I cannot. It is driving me nuts, I gave her an amazing night that night--everything that she loves including a bracelet, then we shared our first kiss, then I see that online :(

    • Aww I'm sorry :( Well you should talk to her about it and that you saw it and ask what the friend meant and if she feels the same way.

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  • Give a fantastic kiss to her