Guys, you like girls who text first?

So there is this guy and we went on a date and there will be a second but it seems he doesn't text that much..

Should I just wait till our next date or should I text him?

What should I text him or does that not matter much and should I wait a couple of days after our first date?



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  • Yes, text first, if you feel like it. Don't believe in society expectations. This is the 21st century, it's all about mutual respect and putting in equal effort. Just keep it 50/50 or put some initiation at the very least, which shows that you're interested in him.

    If he doesn't text much, he might not be much of a texter and more of a caller

    • I'm curious as to what your thoughts are about guys that act like they like you in person only to never text you and leave you to do it. It's one thing to seem uninterested so naturally, you wouldn't text them but what if it's not like that? And the guy that I always have to text has no problem texting other people (including girls) yet will flirt with me like mad in person and tease the living crap out of me. What gives in this type of situation?

    • I don't know.. That's pretty weird that he would text other people but not you. He might not be that into you as relationship material, or he could be really playing hard to get. Both situations on extreme ends. Face to face is what matters the most in the long run.. See how he acts in person.. Ask him to hang out, and see if he agrees. Hell, call the guy too.

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  • YES I absolutely love when she texts first , because I always have to keep myself from initiating to much not to come over as desperate ha ha :D , text him the next day or even the night of the first date , saying you had a great time . mention a possible next time also ;-)


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  • Text him! Say hey, mention your date, hint at getting another

  • Why wouldn't they like you to text first? Who cares who texts first? If you want to text him, text him! :) It doesn't matter what you text him. Just say hi or whatever you want to say!