What should I do after a first meeting with a girl?

I met the girl I've been talking to on Facebook and we had a great time. we were in a cafe, talked for 3 hours, she kept looking at me the whole time and we had a lot in common to talk about. when we went home she gave me a hug. she said that I should talk to her later to meet again some time after New Year. since I'm not really experienced in dating I thought I would ask for some advice whether I should do the same until something gets started between us or something else.


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  • Good news, she's sounds totally in to you!

    Your first date sounded simple, but obviously very effective. For the second time you meet her, do something similar but switch it up a bit to make it more interesting. Do something neither of you've done before! Most girls love guys that are spontaneous, so do something that will pleasantly surprise her and won't bore her to tears.

    Good luck.


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  • Make sure you shoot her a text or call on New Year's to say hey. Then after that ask he if she'd like to grab a late lunch and then rent some DVD's. I don't particularly like the movies because it costs too much and you can't talk. Just get a great meal and hit up redbox or comcast on demand or something, and hang out. Its a little more intimate but still fun and casual. And...you won't be spending over $20 alone for a movie tix. Since you just met (I don't know how old you are) you wouldn't wanna hit the bar yet. In the first few times of meeting you wanna put your best foot forward. You don't exactly want that other person seeing you sloppy and schnockered.

    Couple other ideas (ice skating at a rink, picnic in the park, take a dance or kickboxing class together, dvd movie marathon day, bonfire and get together at the house, go to a game, concert).

    • id say that's good advice

    • no prob. and all those things you say you have and common, do some of those. Just feep it light and fun and enjoy each others' company. looks like you guys are off to a great start. Oh and if you guys like cooking (or wanna learn) go to foodnetwork.com and check out some of their recipes. they have the actual videos to go with it. Could be fun to make a dessert or something.

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