What constitutes an ex??

A girl I fooled around with for a while (maybe a month) was referring to me as her ex (to a mutual friend).

I didn't even know we were a couple! We hung out and got close but I never felt it moved to the next level.

Not that I really care what she refers to me as but am just curious as to what girls consider an ex to be?


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  • I don't know. The girl is weird. Maybe she thought it was something it wasnt. But an ex usually constitutes as someone you dated or had an actual relationship with. Like more than a date or makeout session. More than a hookup.

  • I consider an ex to be someone I actually was in a relationship with and had strong feelings for.hell I was "supposedly in a relationship with a dude, but didn't feel he cared for me, I don't consider him an ex at all


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