About to talk on the phone with a guy I like

how do I make him like me on the phone? if you want a girl to be your girlfriend, what are some things she has to say to you to make you feel she wants you? I need advice asap.

I want to be in a relationship with him and I've liked him for quite some time now. thanks for any useful advice.


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  • If you've known him for a while and he hasn't had that impression yet, it'll be near impossible to do all that in one phone call unless your just going to come out and say what you feel.

    You can't make someone like you either, at least not in the long run which is what you seem to want as you say you want a relationship with this guy.

    • sighs OK fine...-_-

    • Yea I know.. not what you wanted to hear...

      Sorry to disappoint you (a)

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