Her turn or mine to move this forward??

A girl had to postpone our date in early December, legitimate busines reasons for her. We tried to pick dates later for December but our schedules did not permit. I pushed the reschedule and one of my female friend responded that her emails were a little cold. Her last comment was, "we'll have to get together in January." I have not Emailed her since, but did bump into her three times. Each time she seemed interested but reserved. Gave me a compliment one day, usually I get a happy smile from her when we see each other. The same female friend said the ball is in her court. I would just like additional insight Plus if it is her call will she just flirt more or would she bring up getting together.

From a male perspective I have been taught to pursue and take initiative, but my friend and another girl have both said that it is on her and that it I ask again I am the idiot? Gender differences I suppose.


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  • Personally, I believe that many women would rather the guy take initiative and I would suggest you try to make plans one more time. It will let her know that you are still thinking about her and that you WANT to see her, which is always a good thing. Also, she may be just as confused as you are and might be afraid to bring up getting together again. So... If you think she is worth it and you truly want to get together with her, try to reschedule again.

  • Your not an idiot. I mean seriously do you want this girl? she sounds like she's kinda into you but she's not sure. I say step up and sweep the girl off her feet.


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