Why when I finally get over her she starts talking to me? Need Advice!

so I have had a crush on my friend since I met her a few months back.. she tried to have sex with me but I declined because I wasn't ready... we remained cool.. however a few weeks later I confessed I did want to have sex with her. at the time she couldn't for other reasons... but after I told her that we really haven't had much communication. I hit her up once but she stop responded after a few messages.. so after that I just kinda figured she didn't like me or wasn't really feeling me like that. literally 2 days a go I just wished the crush would end so I can get over her.. the next day my feels really died down a lot! I was happy to finally not think about her all the time.. well just today she hits me up on twitter a few times! which in a way made me a little confused... how come when I finally decide to just end the crush she comes around and wants to talk? WHY! I need advice on this! is this a little sign that maybe something will happen in the future? not sure what to think


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  • Depends, if she's responding because she's just being friendly then maybe nothing is there, but if she's interested in catching up, then she's interested in you.


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  • Its classic mind games. When you back off and stop caring, they wonder what happened and will try really hard to get your attention back. If you're still into her, keep playing like this. Like you don't care about her romantically and she will continue to try to want to get your attention!