How can I be flirty with a guy who is over texting?!?! Please Help ?!?!

Well my one guy friend keeps sending me texts like

I miss you ;) and like saying I have a nice butt and he says how he wants to kiss me and he wants to hangout with me. So I don't know what I should do about this if I should flirt back. And what should I say to be flirty? Please Help.

Well I can't do that. Sext him I don't know I can do that
Would I do what Jack555?


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  • get him to tell you more things he likes about you, then when he runs out of stuff, he's going to ask you, then this is it, your flirting with each other,x

  • He obviously likes you, don't blow it, just sext him back saying you want to kiss him blah blah blah or compliment his body too, you can cleverly imply you want his d-ck, should drive him wild

    another good thing is to send pics in a bikini, or bra/panties or with clothes but in certain positions like you bending over, or down your shirt etc etc, just make sure you can trust him and that you actually like him before doing that stuff and leave you face out of it obviously.


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  • If he's asking you to be flirty, he prob has other things in mind...def see what guys say but it seems like he might be after more than just talking/texting. Sounds kinda playerish unless he's got that joking type of personality.