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after being more than just friends? I would like some mature advice about this. I don't want to hear 'oh you shouldn't have slept together', it happened after a couple of years knowing the guy as a good close friend. I took a few months off from talking to him and I have to say I had to be quite strong throughout that process, it was not fun at all. I cried. and he had rejected me. the reality my other friends have said is he lost a chance with me and I should see other guys (which I have tried to do and date other guys). we recently got into contact again and I feel like it's a little different. he sounded sad on the phone. I miss him a lot. but at the same time I Wonder what we'll ever be in the future? I know some friendships are not forever. but we both have an emotional connection to each other because we both said we miss talking to each other. some say we need to be friends at a distance. this is a difficult situation in which I don't want to lose him as a friend, but I feel that it's tougher now to see him the same way . like I said I have been on a couple of dates since and moving forward since he has stated he's not wanting a relationship with me. of course I felt mad and sick about the situation but I feel I've matured. would you stay friends with a guy like this? or have you? how did it turn out like? thanks for helpful advice.

we were friends before this happened. nothing other than hugs if we ever physically touched each other.

then all of a sudden we were staying together overnight with friends and I fell for him. but had my heart crushed when he said he didn't feel the same way and was kind of clear about it yet he gave into lust I guess.

then we took a break from talking to each other and just started talking together.

we're 'friends' but I'm not sure what will happen from here on.


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  • When he said he doesn't want a relationship with you... I guess that means just a friendship relationship? And your relationship before... was that friends with benefits, or actually being together?

    If he genuinely misses talking to you too, I'm struggling to see why he doesn't want to be friends... Who broke off the relationship with whom-you? If so, why? If not, what was his reason?


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