How do set-ups begin? Have you ever been set up? what happened?

A guy and a girl in my History class just got set up...turns out they had liked each other for months, but I would have never suspected it since they never spoke! But they had a mutual friend who sort of pushed them together and now they are happily ever after! I'm sort of jealous... I wish some one would set me up with my crush! :(

I heard that my crush went on a *double date* with a girl who is a year younger than him a few weeks ago, but I don't know if it's going anywhere...I hope not :(

Anyways, have you ever been set up? how do I do this!?!?! I'm sure my crush and I have a few mutual friends. I'm just afraid of having to confess my love for him to :( Help!


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  • It can be several ways. The best way is when a mutual friend sets up two friends because he/she thinks those two friends would be a good couple and like each other. These often work out very well if the mutual friend knows both of you well, because an outsider can often have a knack for knowing which one of his/her friends would get along well.

    Usually friends have good intentions when doing stuff like this. Though sometimes it can make the singles feel like his/her friends are just throwing any single person around at the friend to make him/her seem less "pathetic", and people are reluctant to follow.

    One of my friends set me up because a family friend had a son and she thought we might like each other, he wasn't totally off but it wasn't the right one.

    Now another friend wants to set me up. She goes to college with me but she started earlier, and she was friends with a guy who graduated by the time I started and she is closer with me than him but just claims that she "really sees it" between us so I actually do want to meet him.

    Then there are setups where you ask a mutual friend or acquaintance to get involved and ask the other person if he or she is interested, but this is more sticky of a situation.


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  • "I'm just afraid of having to confess my love for him to someone"

    How about you confess your *like* of him to someone? That's really what it is.

    • How can you love someone that you really don't even know?

    • I don't *love* him! Okay, I throw that word around too much I suppose. I didn't know how else to phrase that part. I said as in how you would love your cat...Besides you guys need to chill ._. if you don't have an answer, don't answer.

    • I'm just trying to help by presenting the situation for what it really is. I got a down arrow, so maybe you do love him after all.

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