Would guys be intimidated by me?

I have never had a boyfriend and I am 19. Even though I am smart, pretty, confident, independent, smile a lot, and am friendly...no boyfriend...ever.

After reading some stuff on this site...I thought: There is a chance that some guys might be interested in me but are shy. [i'm a freshie in college]

Would the qualities I listed above be intimidating for guys to the point that they'd never ask me out because of shyness or they think I would reject them? (Which chances are slim...considering I REALLY want a boyfriend).

If it is the case...should I just start asking guys out myself and accept the fact that guys just won't ask me out?



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  • By the sounds of it, because you really want a boyfriend, your coming across as desperate which rings bells(alarm bells) as high maitenance, and no guy wants one of them for a girlfriend, so stop being so eager to get a boyfriend, take yourself off the free and single list and remain anonymous, because if guys see that your comfortable with yourself and happy, friendly, you will get approached, but come across as needy or desperate for a boyfriend, they will walk the other way, good luck,x

    • Alright. I mean I do not think I show any desperation in public for a boyfriend. And I have not told anyone at my school or in schools close by that I am "boyfriendless"..and if anyone asks I deflect the topic...but maybe me simply thinking about wanting a boyfriend so bad is enough for guys to get vibes that I am kind of desperate. blehhhh...maybe I subconsciously (or unawares show desperation...because I do not feel or think I am desperate for one. Oh well..I'll try. Thanks for the advice. =)

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    • Yeah getting used to your hormones can be a battle, but its worth knowing what they do and why they do when they do lol, because this will guide you to always being in control, which is a female trait to have, intuition is a female instinct I believe, so yeah, do what you do, and your only attract the honorable ones, good luck,x

    • thanks. ^_^

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  • It's sadly true that many shy guys feel they aren't worthy or on the same level as some confidant girls that they see around them, or they're just inexperienced with taking the first step. By all means go ahead and ask guys out. If you like someone then just be honest with your feelings and go for it.

    • Alright. I'll try. Thanks. :)

  • Depends on what you look like, how you behave and what kind of guys are you're around, alpha or beta types. There's different reasons why different types potentially wouldn't ask you out.

    • Blehh..makes me wish I could read guys' minds for a day to figure it out. ha ha.

    • after reading another question the way to become desirable is stop waiting, get on with your life, education, hobbies, friends etc. How you feel is given off in vibes. how you answer or avoid questions reflects your inner thinking. Even if you don't think you're desperate, it's obviously on your mind.

    • Thanks for the advice. :)

  • lol you will have a boyfriend before you turn 22, I feel that you will

  • You can ask guys out. Just be careful that they don't view it as a reason to act like j.o's..

    • Kay. thanks for the advice. :)

  • What's your height and weight?

    • 5''6, 140 lbs., slim, slight curves, long eyelashes, pretty. I doubt my looks are the reason guys don't ask me out. heh heh. Or maybe it is...pretty girls are intimidating I suppose. ha ha. But it isn't like I dress up everyday in jewels and makeup and dresses and lavish clothes and high heels. heh heh. I'm more a jeans, t-shirt sneakers/flipflops kind of girl. :P

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